Wellness for young and old

Wellness for young and old

Self-pampering is paramount on our new wellness terrace, where you can watch the sun rise or set from the wilderness bath, and enjoy the panoramic view over the fields from the sauna barrel.

Whether it is a romantic weekend stay, or whether it is fun with friends and family, then there is the opportunity for a lot of cozy hours on the wellness terrace.

If you are into the cold shiver, and “exercise” for the blockchains, then we can recommend our cold water bath, which is located right next to the sauna barrel, so you can quickly get the heat back.

The sauna is currently free to use (subject to change)
See instructions at the door to the sauna

Rental of wilderness baths
You and your friends / family have the wilderness bath all to yourself. Max 8 people.
Incl. access to sauna and cold water bath.

  • First hour: DKK 500
  • Subsequent hours: DKK 200

The wilderness bath can be booked by calling +45 69 17 16 15, between 8-16.
Booking must be made well in advance and preferably the day before, as the wilderness bath is without water and must first be filled up and heated.

Cold water bath
The cold water bath costs 50 DKK to fill up. Filling is done by taking the hose that is located just outside the wellness terrace. Settlement can either be done with mobile pay on number 869391 or select and pay for the product “Koldvandstønde” in the kiosk.